Battle Across Worlds

This stand-alone novel is an action-packed science fantasy adventure!


A battle across two worlds… Soldiers from two planets unite to face an ancient alien enemy.
Captain Jack Chestire has been exiled after a government coup. But this war hero finds a new purpose when he discovers a gate to another planet…Where he becomes a pilot in a squadron of quantum-powered fighters.

Their foe is a terrorist organization led by an alien-human hybrid: a warlord who is worshiped as a living goddess.

Human courage is pitted against alien technology as the final battle is fought to decide the future of the human race.

NOTE: This is a revision/reissue of the novel previously published in 2012 as WHITE FIRE WAR

That awkward lonely time…

Working on Book 2, Phantist and Despanya on the road to Ardent and not sure how many readers will want to follow them…

Also waiting with bated (baited?) breath for my book to finally get into the “Customers Also Bought” on Amazon and get more visibility. Got my “Look Inside” today, finally.

Will they hate the book? Find it too boring? Hate the first person narrator? Think he’s too wimpy?

These are the voices of doubt that echo in my mind in the middle of the night…

That and that nightmare about the lonely motel on the snowy mountain road where the old man gives everyone gifts of plastic giraffes and begs them to stay and have fun with him…