Space Cruiser Musashi Book 2: Flesh and Blood


The sexy, action-packed space opera saga continues…
The misfit crewmen of the RCS Musashi are now lauded as heroes. They’ve defeated the psychic Valorians, and exposed a terrible conspiracy within the government of the Republic. Their ship, modified with Valorian tech, is now the most powerful weapon in the galaxy—and their emotionally unstable Psionicist, Graham Seutter, is the key to that weapon.
But there are worse things than the Valorians in the universe. When Musashi is raided by a mysterious new foe, the ship is crippled and Graham Seutter is abducted. The only one who can offer any explanation is a Valorian heretic: a young telepath who is an outcast from her own people.
Captain Brattain and the crew of the Musashi must follow their enemy to the edge of the galaxy. There, a dangerous alien artifact beckons… If their enemy claims it first, he will gain god-like powers and turn human space into blood-soaked hell.
The nature of warfare in the galaxy is about to change… Forever.
Will humanity survive? book-2-paintb